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Aloha! I'm Beth Marie!

Made in Hawaii/photographer/traveler/dreamer

I'm just an island girl chasing my passions trying to live my best life.  I am fueled by my love for the ocean, this wonderful globe and all its wild creatures. Photographing the things I am passionate about, not only allows me to remember and relive some of the best moments of my life, but also allows me to share them with the world. 

While photography has been a passion of mine for many years, my first dream was always to work with animals, and more specifically, dolphins!   After graduating college,  I was lucky enough to land  the job I'd been talking about since I was 5 years old, working with dolphins, wholphins, sealions, penguins, and various Hawaiian seabirds. Now I know I just lost a few of you. "What the heck is a Wholphin?" you're thinking. Well they are a mix between an atlantic bottlenose dolphin and a pseudo orca (false killer whale). I can talk all day about those magnificent wholphins so feel free to ask away!

Despite being blessed with a job I was infinitely  passionate about, I had these other dreams of mine just sitting, lingering, wanting to be pursued. I dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and of traveling the world.  About 5 years into my dream job, it occurred to me that I only have one life, and if I lived dream number one forever, dreams number two and number three would never become reality. I quit my job and began building my photography business. 

I am a self-taught and ever learning photographer. I don't claim to be, or even honestly want to be, the world's greatest photographer.  I just want to chase the beauty this life has to offer and share it with, well, YOU.  Showing people the world, its creatures, and even themselves through my eyes is my absolute favorite thing to do.  On the rare occasion, that I'm not on my computer editing photos, answering emails, or behind my camera lens, you can find me enjoying time with my family and friends or on a plane to land far far away. 

While travel photography is my biggest passion, I also love portrait work and I especially love to photograph LOVE. It is an honor for me every time a couple or family chooses me to capture their most precious moments.  My favorite clients are the ones I build friendships with and who trust me with all their lives' biggest moments. I have shot engagements, weddings, and newborns for the same clients and my hope is to build that relationship with all of you rad people who choose me as your photographer :)

Obviously, we should get this friendship started. Follow me on my personal instagram! @alohatravelbee


Beth Marie

Questions? Say HI! 

EMAIL: bethmariephotography@yahoo.com


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